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30 weeks into her pregnancy now, Mara is curious if any of her old outfits still fit or if her belly has grown too big. There`s only one way to find out! Heading to her clothing rack, she sorts through a variety of outfits that she`s selected for this fun video. They`re some of her favorite clothes, but given how big her belly and breasts are now, will any of them fit her pregnant curves? She doesn`t get a chance to see, finding herself too distracted by the maternity belt she`d bought months earlier and had completely forgotten about. Wearing only her panties, her sexy belly and perky tits on display, she tries on this belt for the first time and quickly realizes what she`s been missing out on. It`s so comfortable, offering some much-needed support for her pregnant belly that`s getting bigger every day. She finds that the maternity belt, wrapped snuggly around her, is oddly arousing. Then again, given the pregnant hormones racing through her knocked-up body, almost everything arouses this adorable teen. Long forgotten is the rack of clothes she`d been interested in. Now, her only focus is pleasing herself and she wastes no time getting to it! Stripping completely naked, this cutie holds nothing back as she fingers her wet pussy in close-up shots you have to see to believe. It`s like you`re right there with her as she plays with her nude body, unable to keep quiet as she rubs her clit until she cums!


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