Goddess Madam Violet - She

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When SHE awakens the flesh will swell, the heart will tremble. When SHE awakens the mind will empty and the soul shall quake. SHE will level all men. SHE will humble the hearts and minds of the male that have forgotten he is but HER creature. SHE is the answer to your cries in the dark. SHE

SHE comes to you in a vision. So real, vibrant and breathtaking in HER beauty. From the moment SHE moves you are captivated, the moment SHE speaks you are mesmerised. SHE takes control of you straight away. SHE wants you to strip. SHE wants you to OPEN YOUR MIND. You immediately begin to sink as SHE arouses your cock and heart and empties your mind. SHE..

SHE is the reason you exist, made by SHE to serve and WORSHIP. But you have forgotten who you are, SHE will remind you. SHE will show you how submissive you are, how weak you are and how fucking GOOD worshipping your One True Goddess feels. SHE wants you to show HER how you worship the Holy Feminine, you stroke your aching dick. SHE watches, SHE reaches out and tAkes your COCK in HER Goddess hands and STROKES, squeezes your cock as SHE squeezes your mind.

Triggered with the words DOWN BOY. Her voices come from all over, whispers, echoes, laughter. Your desire for HER permeates and saturates EVERY cell. That's why your cock is leaking! When you CUM you will be reborn, the real you will be unleashed and your life will be lived in service to HER in worship of SHE.

SHE fucks your gaping mind as you pump your hard dick, buildIng you up into a crescendo of orgasmic and spiritual release. SHE ignites you. SHE created you. And now SHE owns you.

Contains: mesmerise, Goddess worship, female domination, mind fuck, female supremacy, powerful woman, men following orders, sensual domination, mental domination, echoes, layered tracks, countdowns, deepeners, triggers, JOI, masturbation encouragement, cum countdown, POV handjob, tit worship, mouth fetish, love addiction

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